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I guess I'll introduce myself... - Sephyism [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sephyism - Into the Promised Land

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I guess I'll introduce myself... [09/10/07|08:45 am]
Sephyism - Into the Promised Land


Since the community is so quiet anyway.

Well hi, names Rebecca. Lets see, I've been hm, how to put it, a fan I suppose is the easiest term to use, of Sephiroth for around 7 or 8 years now, from the moment I first played the game.

I was one of those that basically insisted from the start that Sephiroth was not dead at the end, and I guess I was proven right.

however, I'm joining this community because it does support Sephiroth, not to join the religion.

For me, Sephy is the name that a very select few would have maybe called him as a child. I can not allow myself to call myself anything to do with Sephy unless it is to do with his child form, so I would like to appologise for that in advance. I dont' criticise others doing so, I merely will not do it myself.

I'm somewhat of an old style Sephiroth fanatic, I haven't been following the newer information, nor the newer lines of thinking, for me they are far too contradictory.

What I work on with Sephiroth is this:

Yes he's cold,
Yes he's a killer,
Yes, he aims towards a world where the humans no longer exist.

Is he evil? No.

If you want to know why.. *smirks* Ask and I may tell.