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Followers of the Great Sephiroth

Sephyism - Into the Promised Land
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Sephyism is more than a community. It is a religion** and a way of life. We pay homage to the great god Sephiroth. The one who will lead us to the promised land and rid this world of all that is wrong.

Being a Sephyist means that you will walk with us to the Promised Land. Your devotion to him will not go un-noticed. You will be rewarded.

** Even if you don't get into the "religion" thing, do feel free to join and just express your devotion or fandom of Sephiroth.


Sephyism was founded at the beginning of 2004 and was the very first club to be on Advent Children.forums.

Since then, it has branched out to many other areas of the web, spreading the word about Sephiroth and providing a place for his followers to have in-depth discussions and for like-minded people to show their devotion to him.

In the future we hope to have our own website at www.sephyism.org.


Although we can sometimes be a bit of a serious religion. We also do not mind if you have a bit of fun along the way. Feel free to worship the great one in any way you feel appropriate. Or feel free to relax with other Sephiroth fans and enjoy what we have to offer.

We are not a bad or evil group of people [well maybe sometimes evil when it is needed]. We are friendly and just want to see the destinies of Sephiroth fulfilled as they should be.

Membership is required to post. As the community is discussion based, you must participate in this manner. You may be removed if you spam or act like a n00b. Also, no fangirling or fanboying. Always pay respect, both to Sephiroth and to other members [i.e. if you are more religious, pay respect to those who are not and vice-versa]. Members who are against Sephiroth are not welcome.

If you would like to help promote Sephyism, feel free to add one of the banners to your userinfo/profile page. These can be found on the original post here. Please upload to your own webspace if possible.


Many different topics are welcome, both relating to Sephiroth or to just talk with your fellow Sephiroth fans. Some examples include [but are not limited to] ::
  • Character Analysis
  • Praising of Sephiroth [for those wishing to worship him]
  • Discussion of his roles in FFVII/AC
  • Posting of fan art and other fan works
What we don't allow ::
  • We do not tolerate heretics or those who wish to come here and talk against him.
  • If you post in Sephyism you also must show respect to the great one and other members.
  • We do not tolerate anyone impersonating him. And please refrain from "RPing" as Sephiroth [i.e. pretending to speak as him] in your posts.
  • And finally, no pairing discussion [includes yaoi or hetro]. There are plenty of communities for such if you're interested in that area.
We hope that you stick around and stay an active member of Sephyism.

~ High Priestess,
   Summoner Yuna...

Disclaimer :: Sephyism it is not meant in any way or form to offend people of religious nature. We are just devoting ourselves to Sephiroth in the way that he is portrayed through FFVII as becoming a god.



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